Datalogic Announces New Office Opening in Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey (PRWEB) April 16, 2014

Datalogic, a global leader in the automatic data capture and industrial automation markets, is happy to announce the opening of a new office in Istanbul.

Datalogic offers over 40 years experience in the development and design of data capture solutions in numerous vertical markets. With solutions used in over a third of the worlds checkouts, airports and mail sorting offices, Datalogic is in a unique position to deliver solutions that can make life easier and more efficient for Business. The core specialties are Automatic Data Capture and Industrial Automation for the retail, manufacturing, transportation & logistics and healthcare industries. As a total solutions provider, Datalogic has got a long history of creating innovative bar code readers, data collection mobile computers, sensors, vision systems and laser marking systems that meet the ever-changing demands of industry. Companies around the world, like DHL, Fiumicino Airport in Rome, Sinai Hospital in the US and many more trust Datalogic to provide reliable solutions that drive real bottom line benefits.

With such a strong history of innovation, Datalogic owns more than 1,000 patents. To continue on this successful path, Datalogic has invested heavily in innovation, creating the new Business Development division.

With the new office in Turkey, Datalogic is further expanding its direct presence within the EMEA (Europe, Middle east and Africa) region and local customer and market needs. The Turkish office will be fully equipped and ready to provide its customers with sales, technical and administrative support. Istanbul, as the biggest city in Turkey, is also considered to be the epicenter for business and is the ideal place for the new subsidiary, that officially opened on April 1, 2014. Datalogic is aiming to grow even further within the Turkish market and to move closer to its customers within the country.

Turkey is a very promising marketplace for Datalogics offerings. Due to our wide variety and high quality offerings we see a lot of opportunities in the Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics and Healthcare sectors. The opening of a new office in Istanbul will allow us to be closer to our customers and better satisfy their growing needs. We have great expectations in terms of overall growth within this region and are very excited to have established a local presence in what can be defined a bridge between Europe and Asia, stated Valentina Volta, CEO of Datalogic Business Development Division and Europe & Emerging Sales VP, Datalogic ADC.

About Datalogic

Datalogic Group is a global leader in Automatic Data Capture and Industrial Automation markets. As a world-class producer of bar code readers, mobile computers, sensors, vision systems and laser marking systems, Datalogic offers innovative solutions for a full range of applications in the retail, transportation & logistics, manufacturing and healthcare industries. With products used in over a third of worlds supermarkets and points of sale, airports, shipping and postal services, Datalogic is in a unique position to deliver solutions that can make life easier and more efficient for people. Datalogic S.p.A., listed on the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange since 2001 as DAL.MI, is headquartered in Lippo di Calderara di Reno (Bologna). Datalogic Group as of today employs about 2,400 members of staff worldwide distributed in 30 countries. In 2013 Datalogic Group achieved revenues for 450,7 million Euro and invested over 35 million Euro in Research and Development with a portfolio of over 1,000 patents across the world. For more news and information on Datalogic, please visit

Datalogic and the Datalogic logo are registered trademarks of Datalogic S.p.A. in many countries, including the U.S.A. and the E.U.


Tiziana Molfese info(dot)adc(dot)tr(at)datalogic(dot)com

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Car Insurance for Teenaged Drivers Doesn’t Need to be Expensive

If you are young, one of the most thrilling issues to look ahead to is the day you get your driver licence. Their minds are thinking about the locations they will go and friends they’ll see, but as a parent, your mind is probably thinking about the risks and disbursement of having a teenaged motorist.

Regrettably, teens are mathematically the most likely age-group to get into a collision. This is only because they have less experience on the road, less caprice control, more of a feeling that it “can not occur to them’, more distractions, and they sometimes do not make the best decisions. Due to this, insurance agencies bill teenaged motorists the most when it comes to automobile insurance. Insurance agencies need to make money just like any other company and when a driver makes a claim, they lose money. Thus they need to bill high-risk motorists more for insurance to cover the higher likelihood that they will be paying claims.

Discount Car Insurance for Teenagers

Although car insurance for adolescents is pricey and your youthful child getting the wheel might be stress provoking, fortunately it gets better over time. As time passes and experience your teen will hopefully become a confident, safe driver, and his or her insurance rates will eventually come down to represent this. In the meantime, doing everything you can to lower their insurance premium will save you and your adolescent cash each month and make their summer job dollars stretch farther. Information from

Even though a teen aged driver will surely add an additional expense to your monthly budget, and their policy contract will likely always be higher than an grownups, there are still some things you can do to create down these costs. So proceed through this list provided as a cortesy from our associate

- Reductions – there are an assortment of discounts available for teenaged motorists such as good pupil, low mpg, motorist’s education course discount, being away at school with no automobile, multi-automobile, and multiple-coverage discounts amongst others.

- Sort of auto – buying a sensible, reliable, secure automobile for your teen could save money. When you can, update the automobile with the latest safety and security features.

- Comparison shop – store online and also locate as many car insurance quotes as you can. This provides you the finest chance at locating a good deal and optimizing your reductions.

2014 Elegant Mother of the Bride Dresses Available at

(PRWEB) April 15, 2014, an outstanding company in the dress industry, has announced its new range of 2014 elegant mother of the bride dresses in the recent months. Along with that, the company has launched a big promotion for these attractive items; they are now offered at discounted rates, up to 62% off. is well-known for its high quality wedding dresses and womens special occasion gowns; its purpose is to offer one-stop outfit solutions for clients. The company is trying its best to provide more colorful and beautiful outfits for customers from everywhere in the world.

Its new elegant mother of the bride outfits are available in many colors, including blush, white, purple, green, blue and many others. Because of its high quality items, reasonable prices and considerate service, the company has gained many positive comments from international clients.

The companys chief executive officer states, Over the past few years, our top designers have developed a lot of charming designs. I have confidence in our new mother of the bride dresses, because the demand for womens special occasion apparel is huge in the current market. Whats more, all our new items are of superb quality.

About is a famous manufacturer of quality outfits. Its products include graceful cocktail dresses, Quinceanera dresses, celebrity dresses, wedding dresses and so on. With a single goal to help worldwide customers to get beautiful gowns at reasonable prices, the company offers big savings at times. At its website, every customer is treated nicely.

For more details about its items, readers can visit:

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Car Insurance for Teenaged Drivers Doesn’t Need to be Expensive

If you are young, among the most fascinating things to look forward to is the day you get your driving licence. Several adolescents look forward to possessing their first automobile and having more liberty than they did in the past. Their minds are thinking about the locations they will go and buddies they will see, but as a parent, your mind is likely thinking about the hazards and expense of having a teenaged motorist.

Sadly, teens are statistically the most likely age group to enter an accident. Because of this, insurance companies bill teenaged motorists the most when it comes to vehicle insurance. Insurance agencies need to make money just like any other business and when a driver makes a claim, they lose money. So they need to bill high-risk motorists more for insurance to cover the higher likelihood that they will be paying claims.

Reduction Car Insurance for Adolescents

Although a teen aged motorist will surely include an extra expense to your monthly funds, as well as their policy contract will probably constantly be higher than an grownups, there are still a few things which you are able to do to bring down these costs. So go through this list provided as a cortesy from our partner

- Variety of car – buying a practical, dependable, secure vehicle for the teen will save you cash. If you’re able to, update the car with the latest safety and security features.

- Comparison shop – shop on line and find as many car quotes as possible. This provides you the greatest chance at locating a good deal and optimizing your discounts.

- Reductions – there are an array of reductions available for teen aged drivers including great pupil, low-mileage, motorist’s education class discount, being apart at school without a auto, multicar, and multiple-coverage discounts amongst others.

Even though auto insurance for teens is expensive and your youthful child taking the wheel may be anxiety-provoking, the good news is it gets better over time. For the time being, doing everything you can to lower their insurance premium will conserve you and your teen money each month and make their summer job dollars stretch farther. Tips from

A-PDF Shopping Catalog Maker Released New Commercial Flip Book Template

(PRWEB) April 13, 2014

A-PDF, a China based company, today released a new commercial flip book template in its shopping catalog maker for customers across the globe. The new template is designed especially for business users and allows them to showcase their page flipping eBook in an unadorned style. The impression of audience can be deepened by inserting a proper background image.

Speaking on the occasion, the representative of the company said, We are very pleased to confirm the addition of new commercial template to our catalog software. Using the same business, users will be able to enhance the look of their documents. He further added, We are a leading name when it comes to providing flip book making software and aim to continue with the same in future as well.

The catalog software by the company helps in creating professional online eBook, flash page flip brochures, wedding page flip books and Christmas flip magazines with flipping effects. No technical skills are required for using it. Users can simply import their PDF files, add effects and choose theme or templates from the Flip Book Maker resources before publishing the PDF online. It supports various customization features to the flip book as well such as watermarks and a number of templates and themes. The features also include the customization of cover style, book margin and shadow. Background images can also be added to enhance the flip book appearance. Users can also add the logo and define the title of the flip book. Scrolling options can be added and the book read from left to right or right to left. Users can also set the passwords and language of their flip book.

To learn more about the shopping catalog maker and make use of the commercial template for business, go to

Propel Marketing & Design, Inc. Presents an Introduction to WordPress Workshop

Boynton Beach, Florida (PRWEB) April 11, 2014

Propel Marketing & Design, Inc., a South Florida based Marketing Agency, is thrilled to announce an upcoming WordPress Workshop scheduled for Tuesday, April 15, 2014.

This WordPress seminar is designed for people interested in mastering the basics of WordPress. In this workshop participants will learn how to use WordPress to create and manage their website.

Propel Marketing & Design will cover the following topics in the WordPress class:

How to install WordPress
Key components of a WordPress website
How to adjust WordPress settings
How to set up a WordPress database and how it operates
Why we use Permalinks
How to add a Theme
How to add and activate Plugins
Review of suggested Plugins
Setting up a sidebar
How to create a post
How to create a page
How to set up menus and change navigation structures
An overview of HTML editor
How to include Social Media into your WordPress website
Additional customization features available with WordPress

In addition to material covered at the event, attendees will leave with a workbook that accompanies the materials in class.

We love WordPress, and unless our client has a specific need to use a different platform, we stick to WordPress, commented Darcy Sullivan, President of Propel Marketing & Design. When a business can maintain full control of their web presence, they have the best chance to win over their clientele. Life and business happen fast and we need to be able to adapt quickly or miss out or even get left behind. Thats why we are so excited about training our clients and even those that already have a WordPress site, but need a little extra knowledge to get them where they can create and be creative.

To find out more information about the classes listed here, visit or call 800-943-2346.

About Propel Marketing & Design, Inc.

Propel Marketing & Design, Inc. is a full-service internet marketing agency, located in Boynton Beach, Florida, that specializes in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media, website design, email campaigns, search engine marketing, public relations, graphic design, and marketing workshops. Propel works with clients to create effective and unique marketing strategies to help raise their online profile and support their business objectives. For more information please visit


Propel Marketing & Design, Inc.


533 E. Ocean Ave. Suite #2

Boynton Beach, Florida 33435

Jeff Bellantoni Joins Ringling College of Art and Design as Vice President of Academic Affairs

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 25, 2014

Ringling College of Art and Design today announced that Jeff Bellantoni has been appointed Vice President for Academic Affairs for Ringling College after a nationwide search conducted by Shelli Herman and Associates.

An author, educator and award-winning graphic designer with over 20 years in higher education, Mr. Bellantoni joins the Ringling College leadership team from Pratt Institute in New York City, where he served as Chairperson and Professor of the nationally-ranked Graduate Communications Design Department since 2008 and as a faculty trustee on Pratts Board of Trustees. He was responsible for several initiatives including Pratt Press, Public Project, the Graduate Design Guild, and the first design-focused MFA program at Pratt. In addition to these roles, Jeff acted as Governance Facilitator for the Institute for two years and Special Assistant to the Dean of Art and Design for three years.

We are pleased to add Jeff to our creative community, said Ringling College of Art and Design president Dr. Larry R. Thompson. Jeffs well-rounded background and experience as a designer and educator is the perfect fit to help us continue to innovate and enhance our academic program for the next decade and beyond. With over two decades in higher education as a faculty member and academic administrator at major research universities, a liberal arts college, and several professional art and design colleges, Jeff has mastered skill sets that will be integral to Ringling Colleges ongoing curriculum development, accreditation and governance. We are excited to work with Jeff to evolve our academic vision at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Please join with us in welcoming Jeff and his wife, ceramist Kim Westad, to Sarasota.

It is a privilege to join Ringling College, one of the most innovative arts colleges in the world, and one that continuously strives for excellence, said Mr. Bellantoni. Ringling Colleges record of achievement during the past decade under President Thompsons leadership, along with the consistent drive to challenge itself, makes for a tremendous opportunity of continued transformational growth. Ringlings studio teaching model nurtures innovationstudents learn to approach problems from unique perspectives and develop the flexible thinking and comfort with risk that is needed in todays complex and dynamic world. I look forward to being an integral part of our continued advancement to distinguish ourselves as the preeminent art and design college focused on creativity, innovation and social responsibility.

Prior to Pratt, Jeff held various positions with Mercy College in the Division of Civic and Cultural Studies as Associate Professor, Division Chair, and Founding Program Director for Computer Arts + Design, during which time he raised funds and oversaw the building of The Roy E. Disney Center for Animation Studies and The Center for Digital Arts. He has also taught at the University of Connecticut in the School of Fine Arts, Wanganui Polytechnic School of Art & Design in Wanganui, New Zealand, and Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts (VCU), in Richmond, Virginia. He has published as co-author and designer several books including the best-selling titles “Type in Motion” and “Moving Type, Designing for Time and Space, is an accreditation evaluator for the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD), and presents at conferences, events and educational institutions around the world. Jeff received his MFA in Visual Communications from VCU and BFA from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

The Ringling College search committee was chaired by Christine DeGeorge and included members Bradley Battersby, Jeffrey Bleitz, Doug Chismar, Jim Dean, Jim McCampbell, Lisa Moody, Mahmoud Pegah, Jeff Schwartz, Nathan Skiles, Tracy Wagner, and Tammy Walsh.

Dr. Thompson concluded, I would also like to extend a very special recognition to David Jackson, who has selflessly served as Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs since June 1, 2013 and will remain in this capacity until Jeffs arrival this summer.

About Ringling College of Art and Design

Ringling College of Art and Design is a private, not-for-profit, fully accredited college offering the Bachelor’s degree in 14 disciplines: Advertising Design, Business of Art & Design, Computer Animation, Digital Filmmaking, Fine Arts, Game Art & Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interior Design, Motion Design, Painting, Photography & Digital Imaging, Printmaking, and Sculpture. Located in Sarasota on Floridas Gulf Coast, the picturesque 48-acre campus now includes more than 110 buildings, and enrolls 1,368 students from 44 states and 53 countries. It is recognized as being among the best and most innovative visual arts colleges in the United States as well as a leader in the use of technology in the arts.

min and FOLIO: to Host Content Marketing & Innovation Summit May 20 in NYC

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 08, 2014

Industry-leading sister brands min and FOLIO: will host the Content Marketing & Innovation Summit on May 20 at New Yorks Yale Club. Designed specifically for media marketing and sales executives, this full-day interactive learning and networking summit is an immersion into todays custom advertising environment, with a focus on native advertising and sponsored content.

More Information

Keynoting the Content Marketing & Innovation Summit will be Dells Managing Editor of Dell Global Communications Stephanie Losee. Losee will discuss Dells marketing initiatives and the changing nature of economics in media.

Additionally, the Content Marketing & Innovation Summit will feature an impressive roster of brands and agencies, with discussions around advertisers needs and challenges. Speakers include executives from Tumblr, WIRED, McMurry/TMG, Deep Focus, Dell, Rodale Grow, Razorfish, WSJ Custom Studios, Time Inc., Livingly Media and more.

Key takeaways at this information-packed summit include:

What Advertisers Want
Selling Branded Content
Lead Generation
Creating Sticky Content
New Organizational Structures
Benchmarks and Metrics
Sales-Marketing-IT Collaboration
Integrated Marketing Programs that Work
The Rules of Native Advertising
From sessions including Content Marketing and Social Media: The 10 Techniques -Essential to Deploying to Proving ROI: The Key Metrics for Content Marketing and -Native Advertising Success, the Content Marketing & Innovation Summit will cover all facets that impact ad revenue growth.

Attendees will walk away with a comprehensive understanding of what advertisers want and the know-how to sell it to them. Case studies, technology skills, emerging trends, crucial elements in a content engagement formula, important metrics (and more) will all be presented to maximize your success.

To learn more about min + FOLIO:s Content Marketing & Innovation Summit and to view the full agenda, visit The early bird rate ends April 30. For registration questions, contact Saun Sayamongkhun at saun(at)accessintel(dot)com.

This summit is sponsored by MediaRadar and SnapApp. For sponsorship inquiries, contact Tania Babiuk at tbabiuk(at)accessintel(dot)com.

min is the industry’s trusted source on the consumer and b2b magazine business, reaching thousands of media executives through print, online and in-person events. For more than 60 years, min has been serving the magazine and media community with unparalleled coverage of this ever-changing industry. For more information, visit

FOLIO: is a multi-channel resource for the magazine and online media industry. Our primary mission is to use print, digital media and events to help media companies solve business challenges. Our audience includes publishing professionals from all sectors of the magazine industry, including those in b-to-b, consumer, association, and city and regional. For more information, visit

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Lazer Linez for iOS

Tarpon Springs, FL (PRWEB) April 07, 2014

Lazer Linez is a simple-to-learn, hard-to-master puzzle game that puts your brain to work. The objective is simple: connect the laser generator to all the receivers. Your senses will be bombarded with excellent graphics and mind blowing colors. Your strategy must be precise, since the number of moves are limited and vary with each puzzle.

Lazer Linez has 500 free levels with 700 additional levels that are available through the in-app purchase system. If you get stuck don’t worry, Lazer Linez offers a hint system with three available from the start.

Lazer Linez Features

I first came across Gabriel Campanario when i saw an amazing sketch he had done of a hotel I stayed at in Vegas in 2008. I have fallen in love with his amazing illustration style. I don’t know if his illustrations are for sale …I sure would like one!

He is also founder of the Urban Sketchers, an online blog that features the sketches of over 100 artists from over 30 countries around the world.

I could spend all afternoon looking through this blog….but I better get back to work!

I am very excited to have Georgie Baker Designs as one of our newest designers on the site. She has such a creative, unique style and we are lucky enough to get a little look into the secret life of Georgie :)

My parents were undoubtedly the people who influenced me creatively. There would always be an abundance of sewing threads and fabrics squirreled away in a box in my mother’s wardrobe, and I would always anticipate their next outing onto the bed, where cottons and needles would scatter the sheets and the floor. My father is also artistic, and as a child I would often sift through his collection of black and white sketches that resembled photographs.
The house I grew up in was a modest three bedroom semi with a beautiful garden, and one I miss considerably.
If I could change one thing about myself it would be to learn from those who practice the art of spontaneity.
You wouldn’t know it but I’m very good at playing a few tunes on the piano. I had lessons as a child, but I haven’t kept it up as much as I should have.
You may not know it but I’m no good at maths and numbers. I really couldn’t think of anything worse.
At night I dream of strange things mostly. Although I can never remember them fully. Most are fleeting visits to another time or conversations I may have had, and most are quite bizarre.
What I see when I look in the mirror my reflection when I wake for work at 5:30 in the morning.
My favourite item of clothing has to be a pair of black patent T-bar shoes that look like they have been pulled straight out of 1920’s black and white film. They are lovely.
I wish I’d never worn fluorescent pink leggings. I was aged eight at the time.
I drive an old clapped out Mazda which I have become surprisingly attached to. It has seen me through many an adventure.
My favourite building is St Vitus cathedral in Prague; it is a beautifully haunting building, with amazing structure and craftsmanship. I also adore the mosaic structures built by Gaudi.
A book that changed me ‘Textures of Memory, the Poetics of Cloth’. A collection of artist reviews and reflections on the power of re-collection and memory.
Movie heaven … I love horrors, anything with atmosphere and anticipation.
The last song I downloaded was an album by a band called The XX. One of the best records I’ve bought for a while.
My secret crush is the jewellery made by Marmod 8 as seen on They manage to get just the right amount of macabre in their pieces, whilst still retaining a beautiful design aesthetic.

My real-life villain is The taxman.
The people who really make me laugh are my three wonderful friends who I lived with at University. I wish they lived just around the corner.
My greatest regret is not having a definite action plan after graduating from University.
The last time I cried … I cry at silly things mostly.
My five-year plan … I’d love to move to either Brighton or London, set up a shop, albeit a virtual one rather than one made with bricks and mortar, and sell my wares. I’d also love to design for Vivienne Westwood. I can but dream.
My life in six words… Unpredictable, Surprising, Rewarding, Difficult, Challenging, Productive.

Cassia Beck is a very busy, talented lady! Not only is she a mummy but she also is also the lady behind Cassia Beck Photography, Cassia Rose Jewellery and her latest venture, Violet May.

We always hear such kind comments on her work and I am personally very proud to have such a creative lady working with us. I wanted to bring you details of her newest project. She is currently photographing a toy horse that she played with as a child every day for a year. The horse is always there but just in different creative scenes. So far she has done 27 beautiful photographs so there is lots more to come!

You can follow the horse here.

I LOVE Fifi Lapin.

The fabulous little Fifi is definitely nothing new on the fashion scene but just in case you don’t know her, according to her very own blog:

Fifi Lapin is an extremely stylish rabbit.

Fifi was born one of 257 brothers and sisters (you know what they say about rabbits) but sadly there was an outbreak of myxamatosis when she was just a year old and she was the only one to survive. Her parents are therefore incredibly protective and spoil her rotten. As an ‘haress’ to her fathers fortune (which he made playing fast and loose with carrot and lettuce shares on the international stock market) she loves nothing better than spending her time shopping, browsing fashion magazines, shopping and attending the opening of an envelope. People may think she’s just a socialite but behind that sweet smile lies more than just an extremely stylish clotheshorse.

Fifi is running an amazing competition too!

Fifi’s first book is coming out soon where you will see Fifi dressed by some of the most famous designers including Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent, Prada and many many more.

She is giving one lucky fan the chance to dress Fifi for the book launch on the eve of London Fashion Week 2010, plus:

- The chance to see Fifi wearing your outfit on her blog
- A hot off the presses copy of What Shall I Wear Today? Style Secrets of a Furry Fashionista
- An invitation to Fifi’s very stylish London book launch (sorry travel to the venue is not included)
- A limited edition Fifi Lapin for Lesportsac Bag
- A Fifi Lapin T-shirt
- A signed limited edition print
- A limited edition Fifi Lapin pin brooch.

All you need to do is draw in the style of the cut out dress page in her book:

You can find all the details here.

So go on get entering…you have until the 31st August!

In the wake of Bike Week I thought now was a good time to show All Things Original what I have been up to recently. In a nutshell, I have been ‘doing up’ antique bicycles. I have been digging oily muddy and unused bicycles out of the shed, away from the car-boot sales and transforming them into pretty shiny happy bikes … Bearing in mind that I know nothing about the mechanics of a bike, doing this project was an experiment from start to finish and therefore, for me was fresh and exciting. Annnnd because I was so pleased with the results I wanted to share the photos and the process with you guys!.

Ingredients to make a nice bike:

One old tatty bicycle

Lots of Sandpaper

Paint remover


A strong housemate to bash off stubborn mud guards (optional)

And about 3 cans of spray paints

Firstly I source a beautiful bicycle in bad condition.. Then I take the bike apart, and try to photograph and bag all the nuts and bolts up in a logical order. Easier said than done! Then I strip all the paint off using paint stripper,(very smelly stuff and a bit burny if you get it on your skin) and masking tape and chrome parts. The fun bit is then designing stencils and choosing spray paints, and this takes me ages to do, because I change my mind so much. Fortunately there is a lot of scope for doing so much on the frames in terms of patterns and prints and a lot of bicycles out there! By the time the bike is sprayed and finished, I have forgotten how it all goes back together, lost the photos I took and it doesn’t seem to make any sense so I take the bike and bits to the nice man in the bike shop to sort it out for me. Job done.

Things I liked

Making rusty parts shiny ( the bikes were more or less covered in it)

Making stencils

Spray painting, sooo much fun :)

Things I didn’t like

Going to Halfords about 50 times to find the right bloody tyre, apparently ‘it’s a size of wheel that is not longer catered for’. Gah.

Having to learn the hard way that pyjamas + bicycle riding = material tangled in pedal and a heap of human in a rose bush


Although the bicycle looks like an extension of my wardrobe the essence of cycling is not lost. Idly riding around towns and parks, or doing circles in your garden (no hardcore mountains for me, thanks) is good for the soul and the environment.

And the sun is STILL shining so I’m off to blast the love handles in style. :)

Louise from Super Duper Things is going to be at – the Woodbridge Vintage and Contemporary craft market weekender in Woodbridge, Suffolk on the 12th and 13th of June.

‘There’s some fab stuff to tempt visitors – from the ice-cold cool to timeless classics. Retro and handmade clothes, jewelry and handbags vie for attention alongside modernist-style radios, twentieth century furniture (Barcelona chair anyone?) and one-off homewares.’ There’s also always really nice food and some great pubs. Woodbridge is a gorgeous little market town and worth a visit anyway.

I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend! We’re very excited to be bringing you a lovely “Easy Cheat Bow” tutorial by the fabulous Louise from Super Duper Things and we’re even lucky enough to get a sneaky peak into where she works too….

This is my desk, which somehow followed me from my parents’ when I moved out. It’s often quite a lot messier than this, as I use it for jewellery-making, sewing, uni work and internetting – everything, really! On the right sits Brian, my trusty printer, whom I could not live without.

I keep all my materials in vintage tins from carboot sales and charity shops, but I’m such a hoarder it’s getting out of hand and what I long for is one of those vintage tea chest or spice chest thingies with lots and lots of small drawers!

The ‘I love bingo’ clipboard came from a pound shop somewhere and I just couldn’t leave it there- it makes me smile whenever I look at it, although I have no particular emotion about bingo really. The phone was also my parents’, not sure where it came from, but I love it so much! Really long to dial a mobile though, which is just as well to keep me working and not chatting….

How to make my Easy Cheat Bow..

I’ve just come back from a weekend away in Cornwall. I spend lots of holidays down in Cornwall and it really is one of my most favourite places in the world. There are just so many beautiful beaches and seaside towns to explore and maybe that’s why I am especially in love with the fabulous company Welbeck Tiles which is based all the way down in Penzance. They make handmade tiles, designed in a small workshop using traditional materials.

I dream of one day owning my own little cottage somewhere in Cornwall and I’m already planning to adorn my kitchen and bathroom walls with some of their gorgeous tiles.

I just love the vintage imagery they use of jellies and old household products. But I have to say that my favourite has to be the coastal selection which is filled with vintage postcards and old adverts.

You can even have your own images printed! I’ve one from this weekend that I think would be great…

Now in it’s second year, the Made In The Shade Springtime Jamboree is a vintage-themed market with the best of both the craft and vintage worlds.

This month, it’s making it’s Edinburgh debut, setting up shop in the Roxy Art House, a 19th century refurbished church in the picturesque Old Town.

From 10.30am til 5pm on Saturday 15th May, you can shop til you drop (to a vintage soundtrack) from 40 vendors, including All Things Original’s very own Miso Funky, Clare Nicolson and Dazed Dorothy. There’s homewares, jewellery, art, clothing, accessories, stationery, vintage notions – a great mixture of indie designers with something for everyone.

Entry costs just £1 and as well as the shopping, there’s a pop-up cake lounge, live music and a chance to get involved in some crafting yourself. It’s a great day out, so if you’re in Scotland’s capital this Saturday, make sure you don’t miss out!

Charlotte Macey Textiles will be busy in the next few days as she prepares for her stand at the Bath Coffee Festival on the weekend of Saturday 15th / Sunday 16th May.

Charlotte will be at stand B14 for both two days, selling a range of homewares and coffee-related items, including coffee cosies, tea cosies, tea towels, and other exciting homewares.

The event will have a wide array of stalls in a huge 60 metre marquee in the centre of Bath, so even if it rains it will still be a fun event! Admission is free, and there will be lots of lovely coffee-related stalls, food stands, and demonstrations from celebrity chefs and award winning baristas!

Charlotte told us she’s very excited about the festival and is currently busying away making stock to adorn her stall. She’s hoping to see lots of friendly faces there over the weekend, so if you are in the area pop over to stand B14 and say hello :)

The Bath Coffee Festival ’10
Saturday 15 – Sunday 16 May
The Recreation Ground, Bath
FREE admission!



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